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       About eugher


       Tagoya believes that the great victory in life comes from the accurate choice of every moment.


       Today, the brand ambassador of TAG Heuer has confirmed its unique concept, its spirit of fearing challenges and its ability to surpass itself. #Don track under pressure is not only taghouse's motto, but also a state of mind.


       Tagheuer's forward momentum



       Since 1860, tagheuer's high-precision innovative Chronograph has been synonymous with luxury chronograph. Our watches capture every moment of your life. From professional racing drivers who mark the history of motor racing to every customer, the tagheuer wristwatch worn between their wrists has had a profound impact on their brilliant moments and times. Soon after tagheuer was founded, it launched mikrograph (a mechanical chronograph with five times more accuracy than other chronometers) and became the famous official chronometer for sports events. With the increasing popularity of motor racing, tagheuer has become one of the few watch brands to sponsor the F1 World Championships.


       Tagheuer timing: extraordinary performance, under control


       From the improvement of the "swing gear" patent technology in 1887 to the launch of the brand's first luxury smart watch in 2015, tagheuer has always adhered to the professional belief of innovation first since the establishment of the brand in 1860. From the automatic list crown mechanism to the magnetic double flywheel. Four watchmaking workshops, own watchmaking factory: tagheuer, through innovation and exquisite technology, constantly break through the watchmaking technology pattern. Tagheuer has the courage to innovate and made brilliant achievements in history, laying a solid foundation for the contemporary watch industry. Every watch made in Switzerland embodies our exquisite watch making technology and strictly follows the high accuracy standard.


       Dare to be the first


       The brand has a long history of hundreds of years. Through tagheuer Research Institute, it integrates knowledge with exquisite tabulation technology. Two university subjects, condense unified power. Set a record and then break it. Time the needle and record the unforgettable moment. Race against the clock for success. Control the present, control the future.


       Our heritage, our future


       Since 1860, tagheuer has been combining technological innovation with precision timing. Tagheuer has created a number of precise timing devices for the sports industry, especially for motor racing, with an accuracy of 5 / 10000 seconds. Exquisite watch making technology is reflected in each watch series and each watch. From the tagheuer Clara, autavia to the Monaco, our watches are based on cutting-edge watchmaking technology. Each wristwatch series contains the ingenuity design, becomes the symbol outstanding work.


       Our commitment


       As the inheritor of more than 160 years of rich cultural heritage, tagheuer also plays a vital role in the protection of natural heritage. All timepieces are based on ethical principles.

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